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New Let`s Cope - Deniz Göktepe Saltürk

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New Let`s Cope - Deniz Göktepe Saltürk

"New Let`s Cope - Deniz Göktepe Saltürk"

  • Ürün İndirimli Fiyatı
  • 50.00
  • Piyasa Fiyatı
  • Havale ile
  • 49.50
  • Yayınevi
  • Carmine Publishing
  • Satılan Adet Miktarı
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  • Yazar
New Let`s Cope - Deniz Göktepe Saltürk

 New Let`s Cope
I always wondered why a lot of teachers of English felt the need to vvrite new books although there are a lot of invaluable books on The Use of English around. Therefore, being only one of many ELT teachers, until recently I thought that any attempt to try to vvrite anything on this subject vvould be a case of reinventing the vvheel. In other vvords, I had never thought of publishing such a book until first some of my students, then more of my students asked me to vvrite dovvn my lesson plan for public use; put differently, they vvanted me to share with a vvider group of learners vvhat I present, and hovv I do it in class. So, this is vvhat this book is ... my lesson plan...with the necessary supplementary material to consolidate the related grammar points for the use of learners vvho vvould like to benefit from it. In other vvords, the material in this book has been devised by my ovvn self, and adapted, compiled and edited with the permission of the METU School of Foreign Languages, Longman Publications and some anonymous sources vvhich I have not been able to trace although every endeavor has been made.
This book is intended for upper-intermediate learners of English vvho are preparing for Proficiency Examinations.
The book consists of Use of English and Vocabulary parts with a variety of exercises to supplement them.
Very simple language is used in the explanations in order to make comprehension easier, vvhereas the level of difficulty of the language used in the exercises increases.
In response to feedback from my students, some explanations also contain the Turkish equivalent terms, which we teachers of English, do not usually approve of. Hovvever, since each Turkish or English term has several and often many, different meanings and usages, students should alvvays study other meanings and forms of the vvords given, and keep a vocabulary journal.
The material in this book has been piloted by teachers and students and necessary changes have been made accordingly.
Feedback is alvvays vvelcome.
I hope you will benefit from this book.
  • Genel Özellikler
  • Baskı Tarihi
  • Şubat 2014
  • Baskı Sayısı
  • 1.Baskı
  • Yayınevi
  • Carmine Publishing
  • Yazar
  • Deniz Göktepe Saltürk
  • Sayfa Sayısı
  • 475
  • Ebat
  • 19x27
  • Cilt
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